LNK Reality & Buildtech Pvt. Ltd Leading Construction Company in India

LNK Reality & Buildtech Pvt. Ltd. over the years of its operation has grown to immense heights. It has been the receiver of Guinness Book of World Records for design and construction of World’s widest RCC flat roof and this is just the scratch of it. The company has done projects worth 100 Crores across all type of construction like institutional, hospitals, residential, commercial, industrial, etc. This makes LNK Reality & Buildtech Pvt. Ltd. a construction company India to reckon with. Projects like Construction of Girls & Boys Hostel at LNMIIT, Construction of Law College and Taxila Business School are going on right now and would be inaugurated soon

LNK Reality & Buildtech Pvt. Ltd. provides construction services to builders. Since its inception, LNK Reality & Buildtech Pvt. Ltd. has successfully completed and delivered many building projects across India. It specializes in planning, designing, execution and managing of big construction projects. Till date LNK Reality & Buildtech Pvt. Ltd. has successfully completed the construction of many institutional buildings, industrial buildings, hospitals, commercial buildings, malls, multi-storey buildings, residential buildings and government projects. The delivery record that LNK Reality & Buildtech Pvt. Ltd. has is quite significant in and around Jaipur and due to its performance is considered among the top construction companies in Jaipur. But where LNK Reality & Buildtech Pvt. Ltd. makes the cut is in its presence. LNK Reality & Buildtech Pvt. Ltd. having its head office in Jaipur has footprints all over India and major places out of India. Its main area of operation is construction of big projects as well as planning, managing and execution of the same.

Construction Companies in Jaipur

Sharing podium with best construction companies in India, LNK Reality & Buildtech Pvt. Ltd. specializes in planning, designing, executing, and managing  rojects with the team work of qualified and experienced engineers and managers.

Building Construction in Jaipur

In any construction, the concrete mix matters the most. It is the mix that makes the construction solid and strong. LNK Reality & Buildtech Pvt. Ltd. has a specialized branch that makes Ready Mix Concrete in Jaipur. Our quality in engineering and innovation in science and technology in making Ready Mix Concrete make us cut above the rest among the building construction companies in India. While others procure concrete, we make our own.

The science of making beautifully strong buildings with our own unit of RMC and the customer oriented service of pouring concrete at difficult sites of Jaipur bring us closer to our client base. Our RMC factory is a class apart and produces concrete of various types such as M10, M15, M20, M25,
M30 and M40 thus making construction for us better executed.