Even though as a company we are still young, we possess a rich and diversified presence across several core sectors in the real estate arena.

Amidst colours and royal fables of Rajasthan

LNK Buildtech is a highly diversified, dynamic and multifaceted company. We owe our meteoric rise to the upper echelons of the real estate/construction industry to our ceaseless efforts to understand the core needs of our customers, go above and beyond their expectations and deliver superior products at some of the most competitive prices in the industry. This has enabled us to build a lasting relationship with our customers and stakeholders. Unlike global conglomerates venturing into real estate/construction as an extension to their core business, we were born and brought up in this field.

We then took our expertise to Jaipur, when construction as an organized industry was just starting to make its presence felt in the hinterlands of the country. Introducing architectural and engineering technologies decades ahead of their time, we infused traditional construction techniques with futuristic real estate practices and developed some of most iconic properties that are still hailed as landmark architectural achievements in that region. The mantra of giving our clients a ‘bang for their buck’ has been drilled deep into every member of LKN Buildtech.

Our work has time and again impressed both design critics and architecture academicians and the quality of our construction has enabled us to win the hearts of our clients.

LNK Reality & Buildtech Pvt. Ltd. looks forward to maintain their image of being a customer centric organization. They have plans to further enhance their lucrative land bank and are keen to come up with more beneficial investment opportunities for the investors too.

House and keys